It means so much more than just “hello.”

We strive to bring friendliness, compassion, and concern for our community into every decision we make as a team and as a company.

Connecting families, friends, and colleagues isn’t just something we do for a living. It’s something we care about and love to do, because we know staying connected matters.

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Mobi through the years


Our predecessor, Coral Wireless, announced on August 31, 2005 that it would build a state-of-the-art wireless network throughout Hawaiʻi through the MobiPCS brand.


Backed by the same venture capital firm behind MetroPCS, on January 3, the first towers of the $50 million Mobi network went live on Oahu, giving customers a no contract, no credit check option for the first time.


Mobi launched its eighth retail store on Oahu and continued to gain subscribers as customers flocked to its no-nonsense, flat rate options — strikingly simpler than the wildly more complex plans available from the big carriers.


By the end of the year, Mobi had launched towers on Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and the Big Island, completing the first phase of its $50 million network investment project — supporting customers throughout Hawaiʻi.


We partnered with Longs Drugs and 7-Eleven to make Mobi starter kits available at all 32 Longs Drugs and 56 7-Eleven locations in Hawaiʻi. Long pre-dating prepaid options from the big carriers, this helped Mobi grow its footprint quickly.


We opened our second retail store on Maui, our third new store to open in just six months — bringing us to nine stores on Oahu, two on Hawaiʻi, and two on Maui (and although stores would move around from time to time, our peak).


Many Mobi family and friends were impacted by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. We were the first wireless carrier to offer free calls back home to all of our customers, and to the general public at any of our Mobi stores.


Our first Super Bowl commercial, “Good Thing,” airs during Super Bowl XLVI. It was a bit abrasive, but garnered a lot of attention for us here in Hawaiʻi. And apologies to Martha Stewart, since we’re pretty sure Good Thing is trademarked.


Mobi completes its 3G network upgrades, with our CDMA voice-and-data network handling an average of 1.5 million calls per day, with dropped-call rates of less than 0.8% — the lowest of any carrier in Hawaiʻi.


Mobi reached a deal to sell its network to Verizon, while maintaining its brand and customers as an MVNO of three of the major carriers. This was a big shift for Mobi, from being a facilities-based carrier to being a “virtual” operator.


Verizon completes its spectrum and tower acquisition from Mobi, with some Mobi customers continuing to roam on Sprint (one of the first “full MVNO” arrangements in the U.S.) and others migrating fully to another CDMA network.


Mobi partners with Telispire ʻOhana to continue to enable connectivity to the major carrier networks and to support billing operations on a new platform better attuned to an MVNO (rather than an MNO) structure.


Mobi relaunches simple, no contract, unlimited plans with new competitive pricing and Hawaiʻi-based customer care, allowing new Mobi customers to once again not have to worry about how much data they’re using.


This summer, Mobi will be relaunching with new plans, pricing, phones, and branding. We’re also rebuilding our Hawaiʻi-based care team and reopening stores for the first time since 2013.  Stay tuned!

Why we do what we do.

You’ll often hear us talk about “connecting families, friends, and colleagues.” At the end (and beginning) of the day, that’s what we do.

Sure, we sell phones and plans.

But that’s a means to an end. Helping you stay connected to the people that matter most to you is why you choose Mobi. And we know making sure you stay connected is important.

It’s why we care so much about what we do — and why we make every decision with our customers in mind.