Get started with Mobi in 3 simple steps

Find a phone

When it comes to selecting your phone for Mobi, you’ll have two options:

Bring Your Own Device
If you already have a phone, chances are that the device will be compatible on the Mobi network as long as it’s not tied up in a contract with your current wireless provider.

To be sure, we can check your phone’s serial number for you. Just give our Care team a call at 808-723-1111, and we’ll be more than happy to lend a hand.

Purchase a new phone
You can also opt to purchase a new device through our shop page, and we will ship your new phone to you. Financing options are available through Affirm, and the application is all done online.

Order a SIM card

You’ll need a Mobi SIM card in order to get started. There are a few ways of getting a free SIM card:

Visit a Retail location
Drop by our South King Street or Nanakuli locations on Oahu.

Order Online
Purchase a free SIM card on our shop page.

Give us a call
Contact our Care team at 808-723-1111, and we’ll process and ship the SIM card to you!

Contact us to activate

Once you have a compatible device and a SIM card, it’s time to get the party started! Give our Care team a call at 808-723-1111 and we’ll walk you through the final activation stretch, which will include:

Selecting your monthly plan
Choosing a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Deciding which number you want
You will have the option to keep your existing phone number or get a new one.

Inserting your SIM card
The last step. Just pop the SIM card into your phone and you will be good to go!