Connecting you to what matters.

Mobi is proud to help connect thousands of families, friends, and colleagues across Hawaiʻi every day — in fact, we're the largest wireless provider based here.

Stop by your local Mobi store or call us to switch today.

We're working on a few new ideas.

You might have noticed that Mobi has changed a little bit.

We're rebranding for the first time since just after our launch in 2005, opening our first new store in over five years, and later this year we'll be launching even more competitive new rate plans and compelling new devices.

But we won't forget the loyal folks that have stuck by Mobi over the past decade. In fact, we're looking forward to offering better upgrade options, loyalty plans, and new features later this year.

One that that will never change is our appreciation for our customers. We know you have many choices in wireless — thank you for choosing Mobi.  Mahalo!